Although Caitlyn Jenner may be the worlds best known transgender celebrity, …

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There are other people who are better known than Caitlyn. M not going to let you do this. M not going to let the world know about my secret life as a transvestite. D be surprised if anybody even knew about your famous sister. S a different world than it was twenty years ago. People used to be pretty accepting in general, but things have certainly changed over the years and as they always do, some people just have a hard time adapting. T the only one who used to have to hide who they really were before. Re not even the only one who has had to hide it for quite some time. Not like you cared much to find out were your real parents were when you were born or anything like that. Besides if you really want to know where to start, just ask your sister. Ll even be able to tell you where you really come from. T even know if you believe your sister is actually a succubus. S the case, then how could she be your sister anyway. You figure she might try to trick you by pretending to be human. Re not going to let this man or any other pervert tell anyone about you being a transvestite. Ll be able to pass as cisgender and make a good living at it too. Well maybe I should be telling people about my secret life. M not supposed to do that, but some people might find it just as interesting to find out I have a male sex drive.

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famous transgender celebrities