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I have been trying to figure out what it was that the American Express app could be doing to cause my card to not work. If there are any known bugs, please let me know. Last updated: Summary: I recently upgraded to the new American Express app. My American Express Platinum Card was working properly. Then I tried to add a contact and this error message appeared:Please make sure your device has at least 20 MB of free space. It didnt actually show any data in my device, but the phone could not figure out where the data was located. All I could see was the Unable to locate data error. I am trying to contact American Express and will let you know if the issue is resolved. Edit: I contacted American Express and they are investigating this issue, so I expect they will have an update for me as soon as they can. Edit 2: I got a response to my email from the American Express customer support:Hello Daniel,The data is not available on your device and as you can see in the previous screenshots the data is not accessible on the device. Please try again during the next billing cycle. Regards,Customer ServiceEdit 3: I have updated the database but now I cant add a contact through the contact app. Edit 4: I am not sure what is going on, but I cant add a contact with the new American Express app. Edit 5: I finally got an email from American Express Customer Service. It says they are going to investigate this and get back to me with an update in a couple of days. EDIT 6: They added contact support. They will go over the data and see if it is the problem. They also asked me for my mobile number so they can help me with the problem. Edit 7: They are investigating the problem and will send a follow up email as soon as they have finished their investigation. Edit 8: Finally got a response to my original email:Hi Daniel, We have already added contact support this morning. This is not an American Express issue so we are not going to be able to provide any further information.

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celebrities with nice butts