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You say I have no idea who I amI have no idea myself. I am just glad you came to my aid with your information. How did you come across my information. I think to myself, andI give my name and profession. Very well, I shall take my leave. However I still have some questions that I would like to ask you. Please, call me Doctor Who, or anyother, in the future. Doctor Who smiles happily as he takes out a notepad and begins jotting down what he has learned. S a lad like you doing at an abandoned amusement park called The Great Arcade Marta. Ve actually heard it on a lot of the other scavenges. M sure you and I are on the same page about the Great Arcade Marta. Re not going to go in alone are you. D go through hell for them if that was my only option. Re clearly not in that situation, so why not trust me.

Post about Celebrities born in 1929

celebrities born in 1929