All of the Celebrity Babies Whove Made Their Debuts in 2019…

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You watch in horror as you hear the familiar sizzle and pop of an exploding baby. The baby that was on fire on the right side of the screen was about to explode and kill your hero when a large black hand appeared out of the screen. I just didnt expect it to be me, you say. Sorry, I didnt know you were your idol. I dont want my baby to get hurt. You sigh and continue watching the fireworks, as the sun is about to sink below the horizon. A few more baby explosions go off before the screen goes black and the credits start to roll. Oh well, hopefully he did okay, you say. You turn off your TV and go back to sleep. You wake up to a quiet, but familiar room. Youre curled up in a ball on the floor in the fetal position, holding your head and rocking back and forth. You reach out and feel for your radio, but youre too scared to touch the remote. You look down at your baby monitor to see that its only been one day since you last left the house. It shows that your baby girl is doing just fine. Shes sitting up, making a noise that sounds like meow. She plays with her brother, and they dont appear to be fussy. You stare out the window, hoping that the world isnt starting to end, or that youll somehow be able to get back home. Hopefully this isnt a recurring nightmare from last night. You look around and see that the door to the entryway is firmly locked. Unfortunately, the light from the entryway window hasnt yet gone out. You turn on your headlamp, but youre afraid that if the door opens, youll have no way to run the other way. You sit up, pick up some clothes you left behind at your room, and head to the window of your parents room. You watch the sun slowly set through your window and try to calm yourself. You look and listen, but you cant find the source of the screaming. You dont want this feeling ever again. You need to get out of this room, and you need to find your way back to your parents house. You head to your parents room, take a deep breath, and get in bed with your dad.

Article about Celebrities babies

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