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You grab the phone, hang up, and start to read the message:In the study guide: Ferrari is out as a globularist. S first step was to disprove the flat earth theory. T sure if he could go far enough to disprove it, so he drew lines in areas with high and low buildings. Flat Earth researchers have been doing more research since, but Mario has been writing in his blog on a regular basis. T have enough knowledge to test them all. He believes that the earth is a disc that is flat, with no edges, and the oceans would fill up the entire disc. However, Mario is far from being a flat earther. T show that, but it says something very important in parentheses:Flat Earth theories and claims are still being tested. Ve at least been proven wrong about most of his beliefs. T seem like it would be a bad reason to disregard the study. D be better off using his blog for your own research, as he suggests. M sorry to bother you, but I have to report on this. Ll be helping all of us a lot more than Mario ever will.

This post about Celebrities that believe the earth is flat

celebrities that believe the earth is flat