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Men in Black: International continues the tradition of showing celebrities who are actually aliens.

The plot is shifting as it does in some of the other movies with aliens: the alien wars are set in a more modern world. We all know the truth what the humanities are and how they are being taught in the media. For example we are so far removed from the 80s and 90s when the alien thing was prevalent that when one looks back at the 80s it all seems so silly. I, for one, will never forget watching the Alien TV series in middle school and thinking that aliens were not real. I will also always appreciate the fact that Avatar was a movie about a peaceful non-alien world, instead of an ugly, xenophobic, hate filled world where monsters lived among us. The Alien plotline was really the perfect example of showing a fictional story so real that it can teach you about humanity in a way that only a movie can. I remember feeling so much fear that we could be taken over by another technology, or aliens or just that we cant tell the difference, that we couldnt stop if we so much as saw a little thing coming at us. I think my friends parents were probably convinced the aliens were real, and even though they were never convinced for the rest of their lives, as teenagers they still thought aliens were real. We are so far removed from the 80s and 90s that the people who watch Alien might not know that the Alien movie was based off of a book with the same title by H. In fact, one of the characters in the book was the father of the main character in Alien. The book even has the same name, same author, etc. Alien was not about space aliens, it was about a peaceful alien world that can only live peacefully with humans. People who watch Alien are probably not aware that the movie was based off of another book about a peaceful alien world.

After the launch of International in 2011 Shaun Curry was the first to set a new record. The following years are taking the event to the next level, the next level is showing celebrities, showing themselves, Shaun Curry, and his family on the big screen.

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