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A list, of historical Albanians of albanian Americans of, AmericanIf there is any sort of moral obligation to protect civilians in war, it is surely something to be taken into consideration when setting ones forces on the offensive. In recent days, the United States, for example, has reportedly sent in a force far greater than that of Iraqi forces to try to take the Islamic State of Iraq and Syrias, ISIS, stronghold of Mosul. Army Special Forces have crossed into Iraq from Syria to help train and advise the Iraqis. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, for one, has called it an act of aggression. Special Forces are in Syria, not Iraq, to train al Qaida-type elements. If that were true, then why does the Obama administration still insist on keeping Special Forces there. Surely it could have more effect in Iraq, especially since President Barack Obama himself has said that Iraqis fighting for ISIL today will be ISIL tomorrow. Furthermore, the question of American collateral damage in Iraq is of concern. Military has been involved there since at least 2003, when it established a base to train and equip forces fighting against the regime of then-President Saddam Hussein. However, the Obama administration has not only refused to acknowledge the role of U. Forces in those years, but has, in some instances, actively denied the allegation. For example, in 2007, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told reporters that In my meetings with the Iraqi leaders, the one thing that never came up is the presence of U. There were no Iraqi demands that we leave. An Associated Press investigation in 2002 revealed that the United States had provided the Iraqis with more than a dozen Black Hawk helicopters, a fleet of M1 Abrams tanks and other heavy weapons. As the war in Iraq degenerated into a prolonged occupation, it is no surprise that American forces felt the need to maintain a presence. According to one estimate, there were some 10,000 U. In some cases, this included a small counterinsurgency stationing in a province called Diyala. There, they provided support to local forces fighting a local insurgent group, commonly called the Awakening Councils.

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