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Name: Amanda BynesOccupation: ActressAge: 26Hair color: BlondeEye color: HazelNickname: AmandaZodiac sign: AriesSexual orientation: BisexualMarital status: SingleClaim to Fame:Amanda Bynes is best known for being a celebrity. However, Amanda Bynes probably is even more famous for her addiction to drugs and various other illegal acts which she had been caught for in the past. Amanda Bynes started her career as an actor in 1999. In 2005, she joined the TV series, The Amanda Show. She was famous for playing the character Sandy, a party girl. After the shows cancellation in 2009, some critics said she had lost her sense of style and personality. She had a successful movie career with films like Party Monster, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Cake. She also starred in the TV shows The Amanda Show: First Date, The Amanda Show: Brat Party, and has starred in several other movies such as Grown Ups Take Over, where she was once again playing the party girl character. In 2012, she had made some more films, most notably, The Party, and Amanda Bynes: Shes So Unusual, but these movies were not well-received. She had also signed with a record label since 2012. In 2013, she finally released a single, Amanda B. She has since continued to collaborate with other artists and has collaborated with pop star Selena Gomez on songs. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a man getting kicked in the head and then knocked out during a knock-out game. YouTube, Its what parents dread the most: a stranger who is brazen enough to attack their child on the street and the child being too young to defend itself. Now there is a new, scary twist: Its an arrest game. Its a viral video called Weed Killers that shows a group of men playing a violent game of knock-out. Two young men walk down a street in the West Bank settlement of Issawiya. At first they appear to be having a peaceful conversation, but a large, burly man in a baseball cap suddenly grabs a boy and chokes him, then hits him in the head with his fist. The boy, later identified as Naftali, 20, is knocked out and doesnt react when the man smashes him repeatedly in the head with his fist. The assailants proceed to knock out an even younger child, a 4-year-old boy named.

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