Against that political backdrop, seeing queer actors, artists and other celebrities share their authentic …

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It was a simple task of writing down his words and then adding your own. But its been worth every minute of it all. From the book: Gay Celebrities: Stories, Against that political backdrop: seeing celebrities sharing their authentic selves, was all the more emotionally rewarding. See Gay celebrities share their stories by coming out as part. You begin to rewrite what you wrote in your original journal. You had a hard time to try and rewrite everything you had written down. The first thought that came into your mind was that someone may have already noticed your last journal entry and took it down before you could finish writing it all down. As you felt them, your emotions came out. After a while, you stopped feeling any emotions. As you continued to rewrite your journal, you were getting quite anxious and you were very happy with your new thoughts. Suddenly your eyes were teary-eyed while your heart was beating fast. However, you were unsure if it is okay to show this to anyone. You were scared that that this message would be seen as spam and you would have to start the process over again. The words were just too much for you. Then, you decided to write I dont want to be alive anymore. You left the room and went back outside where you were greeted by your dog, who greeted you with her eyes. She is looking around all around you with a puzzled expression. Im really happy to be in this body, but Im really sad. I had an opportunity to live and then I died again. Im so depressed, I dont even want to live anymore. I just want to die in my body, my own body.

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