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Well, Im sure the whole of Latin American news reports are going to be filled with this. What Im wondering is if we should get any more on this story, because this might be a problem after all. I mean what if this woman is actually a celebrity thats pretending to be Afro latin. Well theres the fact that she isnt actually a celebrity at all. I mean what if this is a real celebrity thats using a fake name. Is she in one of those movies that they send to celebrities they want to get some extra publicity for. I mean how do we know for sure that we cant get into trouble for taking advantage of them. Im just not sure whats best right now. The woman looks at you, then away and says shes sorry for her past behavior, but she just cant pretend to be afro latin anymore. Im just going to go now, she says. She heads towards something that looks like a parking structure, and you hurry after her. After a few blocks, you come to a gate that you see is marked with the Latin star name on the front and a Latin flag on the side. Looking to the left you see a small sign above the door that says:GOTTA GO. You look to your right and see that her car has another gate out the back marked with the same Latin star and Latin flag. Shes got to be going to Los Angeles or Las Vegas or somewhere like that. With the sun beginning to rise behind you, you decide to go after her, but its a little faster than you were expecting. The speed limits are a bit lower on the street, but theyre not completely off the road. As youre driving along, you think back to the time you used to play with these children. Now, its not so much that you want to follow the woman, but that youre worried she might be following you as well. As you drive in her direction, you notice that the car is going a little fast. As if to prove your fears, you see the womans car pull up alongside you and then turn off to go away. While you may be nervous about this woman following, it isnt like shes the only one following her. Youve got the entire street following her.

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