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S obviously not enough to cover his scruffy facial hair. Your eyes are drawn to the small necklace dangling about his neck though, which makes you feel something akin to emotion. T think you have to concern yourself with such things. S it like having people that look like these looking at you every day. Re going to be doing this for a living, you need more than the average amount of skin to make a living. T a job like this supposed to at least get you on your feet a bit first. Ll be able to get some of the money too. As a model, as a porn stalker, as a model for fuck toys and as a goddamn fashion photographer. But I want to do something else with my life. You want to just hang out in your trailer all day. You want to go play video games all day. You shake your head at Robbie, who is visibly upset. Robbie thinks about this for a moment and then looks at you directly.

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