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You then grab a box of tissues from the box and the box. You then take a tissue and a tissue from the box. You turn to face the mirror and you start to cry. You then turn off the bathroom light and cry for a few minutes. Then you turn the light back on and leave for your car. You then cry some more and finally get in the car. You continue on your journey to the next town. However, this night is to be remembered in one of many ways. After all the shit that happened to you the night before, and after you went to see if Jen was there, you just needed to get away from the city at all costs. You take Jen to the party at Jennifer, but stay here to relax. You decide it would be better to go with Jennifer to the party at Jennifers house than to hide out in your basement all night. Jen meanwhile is a bit worried about you and takes you home. The next day you get a phone call from Alex that she went up to the party with someone else. He said he has to get back but she will be right over. You hang up and drive to your apartment feeling a little strange. S but on your way home you stop in town for a burger to wash down the drink you had earlier. You had a new job at a new store only a few blocks away from your house and Jennifer, the only one you could talk to on a regular basis, had left. S really going to suck not having her around anymore. This town, however, is a lot quieter than the rest of the big urban areas.

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