Adele Roberts says chemotherapy burned skin on her face as she candidly shares scars

Adele Roberts has long documented her cancer journey, and has now opened up about the effects of chemotherapy on her skin.

The BBC Radio 1 presenter was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October last year, and has been undergoing treatment for it ever since.

Adele, 43, has showcased her scars from surgery, and cracked hands from chemotherapy, and has now revealed the how her ongoing treatment as “burnt” the skin on her face.

Sharing a video on Instagram alongside her partner Kate Holderness, Adele said: “I just wanted to show you my skin everybody. This is what it looks like and this is a lot for me to show you because I’m embarrassed, but I shouldn’t be.

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“So this is what the chemo did to my face – the first round that I had. They had to reduce the dose because, as you can see, a lot of damage, but hopefully I’ll be able to get it reversed.”

Adele’s supportive partner Kate Holderness sweetly kept reassuring the radio presenter that she’s still “beautiful” with or without the scarring on her face.

The former I’m A Celebrity campmate also shared a series of snaps on Instagram of her face where she admitted that she’s “always been embarrassed about [her] skin”.

She said: “I’ve struggled with it for most of my life. I’ll never forget when it first started to breakout and a lady asking me if I’d been in an accident. I was mortified… I think I’ve carried that shame with me for too long.

“Everything I’m going through at the moment has taught me it’s good to share. I’m not the only one.

“I’m very lucky to be on this treatment but it’s ravaged my skin a lot. I’ve shared what it’s done to my hands and feet but I was too ashamed to show you my face.

“I’ve been thinking a lot recently and I’ve realised that it’s good to share as much as I can. What if someone else is suffering too and they think they’re alone. You’re not.”

Adele went on: “The first round of my chemotherapy was a bit strong and ended up with me looking like I’d been burned. I had holes all over my face. One day I’ll show you but I think what I’m sharing today is a big enough step for me. I don’t want to be ashamed anymore. I’m alive and I’m lucky to be on this treatment. My skin is also healing and looking SO MUCH BETTER than the start.”

She has since been inundated with kind messages of support, which Adele has thanked people for.

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