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As you can see, there are a lot of talented young actresses here. You can only imagine what the industry will be like when theyre in their late 20s, or even their early 30s. Youre certain that youll be able to take on bigger roles once you hit that age, too. Youve got a long-term vision, or a short-term one. You long termYou cant stand the idea of being a supporting character in a film, so you need to put yourself forward and get yourself out there. Youve worked so hard to get where you are. Youve earned the privilege of a big payday as a leading man. Of course, now that youve become so famous, you may start to want what all men do when theyre getting old: an empty house. Youve been living beyond your means for so long that you probably would have to sell off a substantial chunk of your valuable art collection just to keep the lights on or the studio on your side of the country running. But youre in a position where youre not asking for any favors from anybody, and you cant resist a good scene. Your agent comes by to congratulate you for your decision. And so begins the next chapter of your life. Your career becomes more lucrative and you live like the celebrities youve always dreamed of being like. If its set up properly, it can make movies as profitable as the ones made in your country for pennies on the dollar. The films are based on myths or fairy tales that youve told your kids and grandkids about in the past. Of course, they will all be made to make the money that the film makes. So you keep telling the same old stories to your children and grandkids. You know that this isnt going to be sustainable for long. If you take chances now to get your picture in the next blockbuster film, youll have to cut corners if you ever want your health and happiness in the future to be in any shape to continue doing what youre doing right now. And your health and happiness is whats really driving you to be in the movie business in the first place. Too many people have depended on your success for a comfortable life. All of that is why you feel like you.

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