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A The Pretentious One, is a non-celebrity who is helping to raise awareness of the Flint water crisis. Halle has been lighting up the internet with stories from her hometown, including this gem from last week:I can barely even walk to and from the store to run my little beauty business. I cant even take my girls to the store. After posting that, Halle was bombarded with messages of support on Twitter. Re all glad to see someone helping, but is bleaching her skin really helping. First things first, Halle is not exactly the average person. She works in the film industry, which is usually an industry where people are more concerned with how their skin looks than how it feels on them. S not worried about the looks of her skin, what does she see as helping her business. It is a big issue and the media is covering it a lot more than it has in the past. Also, like we said before, Halle has stated that she is bleaching her skin in an effort to try and fight the ills of a media that has unfairly portrayed her in the most negative light. She says she feels like that is making her a better person as a result. Why is bleaching her skin so important. Why not just do what people have been doing for years. The answer might come from a few celebrities that have spoken out recently, like Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga, who has been a long time friend of Halle Martin, said this out of the blue on her podcast:I felt like we were in such a time where were in our own beauty bubbles, and the beauty bubble on me, I felt like we werent really seeing that we were really beautiful. I feel like bleaching my skin was my way of trying to get into some of the other bubbles. For Lady Gaga, bleaching her skin was also a way of making herself feel as if she was shining as bright as possible. But why, then, has Halle Martin been doing it. Halle Martin is doing it just because she likes it. She just did it, and it felt good and she got some positive press.

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celebrities who bleached their skin