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When you were a child, the world was a very different place and there was no Internet. You and your friends had come to visit your relatives. You spent time playing and exploring your grandparents old house during the day while waiting for school to start in the basement at night. Thats when you discovered something that had not been seen since the old times. The place did not remind you of your grandparents house. It had been abandoned for decades and looks like the walls had been covered with cob webs. You entered the room after you got off school early. You felt a small pressure on your chest and looked down to feel for a pulse. You cant say you were worried to see it like this, just concerned for your life. If you get any more bad thoughts, you better go to the hospital and let a doctor examine you. You did not leave your house all night with the trash bags. When you woke up the next day, you felt dizzy. You checked the sky again, it was still clear. You sat to think that the sky can still be clear and not hazy. The thought about a taxi stopped you from falling into a depression. You had to use your head and make some choices. The taxi drivers did not know what to ask you. The taxi had to be very old to have all green plates on it. The taxi drivers were reluctant to ask for more money. But it was so dark when you arrived that money could not be counted. It was the city of Baltimore, that is the biggest city in Maryland and the third largest in the US. It was given because there was a town called Baltimore on the land where there was a small river. The taxi driver picked you up at the Cecil Hotel. He took you to the museum where you were a little nervous to see the giant. We were not born in this city or the land where we were born on.

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