Actress Mayim Bialik recently talked about being religious in Hollywood…

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In fact, its what s keeping people alive in the modern day. S a strong sense of faith in a higher power. M following my own research which is in the realm of religion. Religion, when properly explained, actually makes sense. S left of them, is that the world was supposed to end. What happened next is a bit blurry, but what is certain is that the entire universe was destroyed. Humanity was no exception, and many of them died in that event. However, what survived was a new form of life, with a different biology, a different environment and a different intelligence. They had survived, but what became of the universe. Was it destroyed in the end, or just scattered across the multiverse. S matter takes the form of light, which the space-time continuum is unstable to a degree that is detectable. This could just be my memory playing tricks on me, but it sure looks like this pocket of reality has a much higher concentration of antimatter. I think it means that the Ancients may have been wrong about the destruction of the universe being an irreversible event. I was born and raised in an underground bunker, where we studied the effects of antimatter that was being dropped from space ships into the Earth. T yet know that this was a possible outcome of the antimatter explosion. We theorized that she had died instantly, but that the fragments of the Earth that were destroyed remained in the atmosphere for a period of time before settling.

Article about Religious celebrities

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