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You look at yourself in the mirror and the changes begin. Youre standing in front of the big black and gold logo of some sort of entertainment company. Maybe they have a movie theater and a live music venue nearby. You notice your hips, legs, and breasts have all gotten much bigger. You dont feel quite as big as before, but youre certainly stronger and your ass is now hanging a little higher. You look over at the other ones at Summit. Most of the females and a few guys actually, You follow the crowdYoull stick out like a sore thumb. You walk along the sidewalk and watch some random people go by. One guy does a double take when he sees the bulge of a very large ass on a much smaller frame. He tells her to look over here, but she doesnt and ignores the guy. Another girl gets a look over and then looks away again when she sees a skinny, curvy woman. They both walk away and she keeps walking. A few moments later, a fat old lady with graying hair walks out from her office and walks purposefully into the street. She stops walking a bit and turns to stare at her reflection in her office door. She asks looking past the desk at a body clad in tight clothes and high heels. She walks up to the woman and grabs her arm. Ve been here before, you say. M a nice guy and I try to help out. Re a little more suspicious, but you go with it. Oh, and I got this, the woman says and points to a small black box. You look over and see a black box thats sitting on the floor.

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mesomorph female celebrities