Actress and singer Selena Gomez was born on Jin Grand Prairie, …

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Selena Gomez was born Selena Gomez, on, and grew up in the beautiful town of Jin Grand Prairie, Texas. She started her career and her musical education by dancing in the band of her high school musical. Today, her love for music is at its best, as she is the talented singer, actress and model. She has appeared in such movies as her leading role in High School Musical 3, and in movies such as The Giver and Mean Girls. Selena Gomezs personality is a bit different from your average high schooler. She has a serious and strong sense of morality which sometimes leads her to do questionable things, or acts in a really mean way. One time, she put an egg in her friends backpack to take to her parents, and she was arrested at her high school for being in possession of an illegal drug. She is a real person and you have been given her information to contact her via telephone. You press the button and suddenly, theres a phone on the line. Selena GomezShe looks like shes having a hard time to talk right now. Yes, is there something I can do to help. Um, is there anything I can do for you. Yes, Im sorry, I was in the middle of something and I was trying to call you. Sure, I think hes still at work though. Sure, you say and then hang up. You call the supervisorAs soon as she hangs up, you call the supervisor. Its Selena, Im sorry, the voice on the other end was really annoying. Just tell her that she can leave a message for me if she wants. Yes, I guess that shouldnt take too long. Um, I was just checking to see if there was anything I could do for her, but as I said, Ill give her a message when I get done. Okay, I guess thats all I need you for, unless you have anything else you can do. Great, Ill let my supervisor know youre here, Bob says as he hangs up. Oh sure, I can just let the door bang if.

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