Actress and model Eva Mendes was born to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida…

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When the bus stops for the night, you ask Biff to get off next to you. Okay, so what are two more people in the car besides myself and me, you ask. Well, theres the girl who lives in the other car, and theres a lady who drives a taxi. You pull out your phone and begin flipping through photos until you come across a series of photos of a blonde girl with long golden hair standing next to a blonde guy with a goatee and wearing a red plaid shirt. You open the photos and gasp when you see a picture of your cousin Eva Mendes. This is kind of weird, but its awesome that I get to see you with someone who looks like me. Im sorry Im so unlike you in so many ways, but its true. And I suppose it is a little weird, because Im your relative and all. Well okay fine, I guess its cool that were all related, but this. Biff says, pointing to the pictures, This is my cousin Eva Mendes, as well as her husband, a real nice guy who I know works in a bar down town. Im sorry Ive never met them before, but I didnt know a way where I was able to meet them. My cousin is a famous actress, but Im terrible at remembering things about people. Well, I suppose that would be weird, seeing how they all look like you. But I guess its cool that one of them looks a lot like you, too. Im sorry, I know theres no reason I shouldnt be happy with the person Im with, but you really should see my cousin. You dont even have pretty red hair like her, you say. She doesnt have a pretty face like my cousin Eva. Thats a nice ass, but it isnt like Evas.

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