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Thirty-five election officials, including two judges, a judge, a county supervisor, a township clerk, a judge and a magistrate, have been charged criminally with voter fraud in the last three elections. It has been reported that in November of 2008, George W. Bush won the state of Pennsylvania by over 100,000 votes. In the years preceding this election, officials in Philadelphia repeatedly refused to produce ballots that they had in their possession for many of the most-wanted illegal immigrant criminals. This included the following illegal immigrants, who were later found to be registered to vote in Philadelphia: Carlos Beltran-Guerrero, a Mexican national charged with multiple felonies and deported in 2004, was given an active Philadelphia voter registration card. His mother, who had provided his name on the birth certificate for his child, gave his name as Carlos Beltran-Romero, a born-again Christian and a documented citizen. She was even asked by a Philadelphia City Court judge if he was in the habit of giving his name as another persons child on birth certificates. She responded that he had done so in this case. Despite this, Carlos Beltran-Romero was found to be registered to vote in the Philadelphia area. He was also found to be registered in the Harrisburg area by his mother. After Beltran-Romeros mother died, he was listed as deceased on the Philadelphia voter files by her sister. A Philadelphia County spokesperson confirmed Beltran-Romeros identity through his voting record. A Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, Robert E. Beltran-Romero ruled that there was sufficient evidence to charge Beltran-Romero. Beltran-Romero was convicted in 2006 of bank fraud and sentenced to 16 months in prison. His conviction came following a plea agreement that he would testify against his co-defendant. The case was appealed and he was acquitted in 2012 after a jury trial. In 2015 a Pennsylvania court overturned the conviction of Beltran-Romero on the basis that he had been denied a fair trial due to improper police conduct during the investigation. At the time of the trial, he claimed that there was an election fraud conspiracy behind this crime. In 2016 a federal district court agreed with Beltran-Romero and granted a reprieve on all counts by granting him a new trial. In November 2017, a Pennsylvania Superior Court judge reversed the convictions of all charges and ordered the case dismissed. In 2017 a federal court of appeals denied his appeal. In 2017 a federal court ordered his murder case dismissed. JanuNY NY Post News Crime Stories – In a.

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