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If you decide to be Amor a Virgo, then I d recommend you take a-list of Gone Germans in the-law. GZ-Undead in the universe who might just be looking for a new host. You cant imagine being in the company of anyone other than Virgo. Finally, the words fade into nothingness as you close your eyes. Youre not going to believe whats on the letter. You open your eyes again to see that you are lying on a comfortable gray mattress with a wooden desk and chair in front of you. Theres a phone on a nearby table, which you reach for as you sit up. The phone on the desk has three buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3. Pressing the 1 button turns on a light, which shines on a large, thickly-colored folder on the table. You open the folder, peering inside, and find a letter inside. Dear Virgo,I was given this folder of photos, which are in a certain style, and told they were of you. I thought you looked a little different, so I had a look. You look like I remembered, but youre not the girl in the photos. It also reminds me of a conversation I once had with your friend, which you never addressed. She was from a certain city called Zalan, but she came from somewhere else. She had brown hair and brown eyes, and she was also beautiful. However, she was a little quiet, and it was only her friend who could talk to her. Elizabeth said she was an Ex-GOA, a friend of yours, but Elizabeth herself wasnt a GOA. They were taken many years ago. Elizabeth had long, blonde hair and green eyes. Elizabeth was a friend of your friends and told her that you were an Ex-GOA.

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virgo celebrities male