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Im pretty sure I can trust her. Kitty leaves you to get some drink. T think about all the shit you told her in the past. And when you finally do get home you find that the whole place is somewhat quieter than it should be. In fact, the only sounds you can hear are the music coming from inside the room and the occasional person you see leaving or entering. You see a familiar figure leaving the door to the room. Re walking to her, you half expect her to run out of the room and attack you, but she just looks at you and smiles. You just wish you knew what the hell was going through her head. Re sitting down on the couch, she comes over to you and sits down beside you. Oh, I know just the place for you to show your photo shoot skills. My hotel room is right down the hall. Suddenly, the lights in the room dim a bit causing the pair of you to freeze in place.

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celebrities with marionette lines