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Ll be happy to get a few of these quotes and pictures for free. You go into your normal routine of staring at the wall wishing you were at home. A few minutes later you get a message. M not a big fan of celebrities so this is great. You look through the collection and find a bunch of really long quotes of various people and they are all from the last ten years or so. You pick 5 of the most interesting ones and go through and see if any of them are from celebrities. Most of them are and you look through them all again. You start to realize there is a lot more to life than being famous. Ve never actually paid close attention to what you were doing before. You go through your phone and find something else to do. S something to do with your list or not but you look at it. S something to do with not being famous, you look through your phone again. Okay well you are a little older now, is the doctor still here. You look through your phone again and realize that nothing is changed. Re getting from this, but maybe you need to do your own research and not just rely on the internet. You quickly go through your other messages before she can reply. M sorry about all this, I know you probably have tons of work to do here as usual.

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