Abby Lee Miller Marks Painful Four-Year Milestone of Paralysis, Health Battle

Abby Lee Miller went from reality TV villain to being the victim of a medical tragedy.

Last year, she revealed that she has again become paralyzed, undoing mobility progress that she had made.

The Dance Moms alum was last able to walk under her own power on April 13, 2018.

Four years later, she is reflecting upon her pain, her disability, and where things stand today.

Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram to mark this painful milestone.

“Today, April 13 is the Anniversary of the last time I WALKED,” she noted.

“In horrific pain, I made it into a Doctor’s office,” Miller recalled, “and then across the street to a hospital.”

Miller detailed that she had made that painful journey to the hospital “for a sedated MRI.”

“On Friday the 13th, 2018 techs had to remove me from the imaging machine after 15 minutes,” she shared.

Miller explained that this was “because my arms & legs were flailing about uncontrollably!”

“My health declined rapidly,” Miller recalled.

She described her hospital experience: “I was admitted and then ignored.”

Miller cited: “Over the next 24 hours my blood pressure dropped to 23 over 17, my Kidneys started to fail, and I became paralyzed from the Neck down.”

“It was too late to transfer me…” MIller acknowledged.

“Emergency surgery had to be performed…” she noted, referring to the surgery on her spine that first uncovered her Burkitt Lymphoma.

Miller lamented: “I have never walked on my own again.”

“It is only befitting,” Miller remarked, “that today I film the final footage on my very own Documentary.”

She has filmed a documentary “talking about everything that happened to me… Coming to you Soon.”

Miller concluded her caption: “Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.”

It wasn’t so long ago that Miller was showing off her ability to stand and take a few steps on her own.

That was, however, before last year’s setback.

It’s no understatement to say that she has had a very difficult several years, plagued with misfortune.

Miller had just been released from prison and was living in a halfway house when she was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma.

Noting creeping paralysis, she went to the hospital, where she had the experience described in her Instagram post.

Surgeons had to shave away part of her spine in order to see what was attacking her nervous system.

Initially, doctors had assumed that Miller had some sort of infection in her spine.

Instead, it was something worse — a rare form of cancer normally found in children in Africa, not in adults in North America.

While the prognosis for Burkitt Lymphoma is usually promising, nothing about Miller’s case was normal.

Miller has undergone radiation therapy, additional surgeries, and other treatments aimed at beating the cancer and restoring her mobility.

Now, she makes use of mobility aids such as her motorized wheelchair in order to go about her life.

Everything in her life has been changed for the worse following one sudden bout of illness.

It will be interesting to watch Miller’s documentary at some point.

We have admittedly been critics of Miller’s demeanor with children, long before her racism scandal resulted in the end of her reality career.

But we would not wish cancer upon anyone, or the effects that this has had upon her body.

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