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There are other big fans of the game, but. The video starts off a little slow, but as Drake takes control he becomes a big fan of the game and eventually starts bragging about how he plays it every chance he gets. You notice that the more you watch, the more into the game Drake becomes, until he mentions that he has his own fort built from materials bought on the internet. He then mentions that he builds fortresses to train other players, in some of the larger games, such as Fortnite where you notice that he is talking to several other players, the game has grown to become more popular than the original game before it. The developers have taken advantage of the massive amount of players joining the game. You also see him play The Escapists 2, a game about surviving a building by building a escape room in rooms. After Drakes fort begins to get bigger and bigger, you talk with the other players who are on their way to his fort. You talk to the other playersThe other players are in for a surprise when you reach their fort. You see Drake taking control of their fort. He is bragging about how he is the best player in their game, and how he is going to kill them all, before you attack him. At first, you think you are gonna knock Drake off, but as he begins to kill you, he starts to explain that it wasnt his intention to kill anyone, he only wanted to get them together. He explains that the game Fortnite isnt played alone, and the players need to work together on a team. He says he has been helping with some of the fort building for a few other players in the game. The other players are a bit scared of Drake, and the more you kill him, the more you hear about how he bragged about killing other players and how his fort took hours to build. You dont feel well and you leave to find somewhere to go. You find someplace to goYou are scared and dont feel well, so you go to a nearby store and find somewhere to go. As you start down the road, you notice more and more people on the road. Eventually, you reach a group of five people who are talking about something and another group of eight people, five of which are kids. You see someone that looks like Drake on the street and you talk with the older person. Drake is a big guy and they all act like he is their father. You talk to the children and you see that they are curious of what you are, so you give them a short.

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