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I guess he got to see the end of the Clippers season. You stare at the ceiling, trying to get that damn headache to stop, so you turn off the TV. The next day, when you wake up, it feels like you slept in slow motion. Itll be a beautiful day tomorrow, tomorrow, when you can do something that will make the snow fall. Just like yesterday,Just like yesterday,Just like yesterday,Just like yesterday,Like today,Like today,Theres always tomorrow. Its the only thing that keeps you going, the only thing that keeps you alive. When the night arrives, the sound of the snow falling wakes you up. Behind the door is a young woman in a hooded cloak, with a dagger in her hand. She asks, with a whisper so low you can barely hear it. Anything, you say, still not quite hearing fully. Yeah, Im going to be staying in the house too. Ive never seen so many people before, I was surprised too. She slowly, but deliberately, pulls a black briefcase out of her cloak, which is full of the contents clearly visible to anyone looking. She opens it, and pulls out a silver coin with a picture of a woman on it. You see a woman with long brown hair and a smile. I gave my house to my daughter, but she had to leave for college, so she didn.

This post about Black celebrities that died

black celebrities that died