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You feel like all this negativity is an act to make you feel something. In the end, your life is your own and you can live with whatever it is. It may not be the real truth, but it will probably bring you more happiness in the long run. Its just easier to stay in the dark than to confront reality. Sometimes you wonder if you even deserve happiness. Sometimes you wonder if there is even a God. You dont give a fuckMaybe the world isnt so bad and you shouldnt give a fuck. You decide that youre just going to enjoy your life. If its dark and it looks like youll be in trouble, youll sneak out the back. As the years go on, youre not particularly bothered by the darker aspects of the world. Sometimes you still get worried when youre in the middle of the night and see something suspicious, but thats really the only thing that concerns you. Some of the things you do to keep your mind busy are:Boredom is the friend of opportunity. Sneaking around in the house looking for hidden rooms to play with your cat, or sometimes just to have fun. You also occasionally look out through windows into the streets, hoping that you might see something noteworthy. Youll even go on trips out in the wilderness and try to see if there is some place where you could hide out for a bit in the wilderness. Youve also heard stories of other people who do have lives that arent too difficult. You could always try joining them. Youre content in your own little existence. You make a wish, and this wish will be granted if it meets several conditions:It must not be against your beliefsIt does not involve a power greater than you, you cant become a god, only grant an ordinary wish, It must be absolutely genuineIt must be within a reasonable timeframe, the world will be in far worse shape by the end of the week, if you dont make a last minute wish, You wait. The clock stops, and all you can see is the words:You have made a wish. The world around you seems to calm, then grow very cold. You are in a room with a white floor, a long table, and a large desk. There are no windows, and the only thing you can hear is the hum of a computer or television. Finally, you hear a buzzing sound behind you.

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