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Anyway, you can believe what you want. Ve never seen or heard anything to suggest that Hollywood was overrun with giant centipede monsters. Ve been talking about wanting to start a family with me one day. T see how we can ever be anything other than husband and wife. I guess I just wanted to do some of things before, but I guess I was too scared.

You look around and see a few of your other friends watching you from the balcony. Were the guests here, one of them says. Hey, were not here to fuck all them stars, were here to film them, another points out. Fuck em, they aint us, another says. You get bored and go back to your room, though you end up spending most of your afternoon in bed. Finally, youre called to the big screen by the producer of the show. What you see makes your whole body start shaking. The three big stars from the trailer park have been replaced by a small girl, a big, hairy guy, and a pretty, dark skinned young girl. The girls are doing their own thing, but you can guess what the big guy is doing. Everyone else is just standing there staring, but you try not to look too much. I dont know what to expect, so I want to at least have something to react to. Im not really sure what this is for, but if the reaction turns out good I may use the footage for another movie. In fact, here, take a look at what youre about to see. He takes your picture and hands it back to you. And dont say anything if you dont like it. If you do, well I can always find another actress to play the part. You get even angrier as the image of a large man with huge cock fills your head. You dont even know if you should be shocked or offended from the fact that youve been seeing a woman on screen. Not that you cant imagine the big, muscular man taking advantage of her, but you dont want to go there, Hey. Maybe you should get out of here with that thing. Im not some whore out there for that big, muscular man. Thats when the producer pulls out his pistol and points it at you. You dont know if hes going to shoot you or not, but you dont really have a choice. You run awayNo, no, Im not. Now please, Im begging you, just let me go.

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