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The article You cancelThe last time you had a social life like this was after your sister died and you were in a deep depressive spiral. You try to make new friendsThis didnt turn out as good as you thought it would. You tried to talk to a few of your regular clients, but none of them seemed interested, or even approached you, You asked if they had any celebrities they wanted to meet and one of them, Anastasia. She said she was interested in meeting the singer who goes by the name of The Rapper but he, or she, insisted itd be too expensive. You then asked if they had any singers they wanted to meet who werent celebrities, but she, who is a famous singer named Anastasia, said the price was ridiculous and that shed rather meet the rapper. The rapper had a whole bunch of famous artists including artists from some of the most famous bands in the world like Nirvana, A Day To Remember Beartooth and more. But after an hour long waiting period, the rapper finally showed up so it looked like it was still on. You went up to the front and it was clear that he was at a loss for words. You think youre going to get me to tell you the truth. You cant get a girl to tell you the truth. Chris Brown is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. And I dont see any of them here, they must all be in the middle of their concerts or something. I dont give a shit what you think, you dont know shit about me. Im just a kid who has talent and wants to earn money. Im also a singer, what kind of a singer am I if I cant even sing. He then started making really long story about his life. Eventually Chris started crying and kept talking about his mom. I was so scared when my mom got sick. I couldnt go see my dad because I was too scared of what hed think. So you had to live with your aunt for a long time before you had a regular house to call your own. Youve been living here all alone since you were old enough to know how, havent you.

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