A host of celebrities who pledged to move north under …

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A good example of what Trump can do when he wants. You continue on your journey along with the other passengers, all of whom have become somewhat silent, even the rest of the bus. The bus has ended its drive north, and will probably continue on to your destination, and is now starting to head back south, which has made the passengers silent once again. You continue on the route along with your fellow passengers. S become quieter and more somber lately, and you cant help but feel that there is something slightly unsettling about this whole incident. T all just leave and get away from all this. Yeah, maybe a few of us should just get a real job and move away from here. T see the point of sticking around for the long haul when we could all be better off moving on with our lives. S something else we should do. I think we should get a few snacks here. Everyone looks at you confused, but you explain. I think we should hide out here for the night. The rest of your companions look very surprised by your suggestion. Re starting to get a real sick feeling about all this. T just futile, it might also be actively dangerous to all of us. Ve always got time to get some food before we have to make another dash to that grocery we passed yesterday. We should take advantage of this opportunity to get away from all this. S going to do anything to you, well at.

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celebrities moving because of trump