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Coffee is a wonderful way to start the day, an excellent source of caffeine to get you going and its a nice change from the sugary sugars and carbs found in most foods. You could also add the taste of coffee to any of these recipes using this easy recipe. We cant wait to see what you cook up using this quick and easy coffee recipe. In 2012, it was nearly half, 46, of all children nationwide. But this is also true among many minority and lower-income groups across the country, and todays trend represents a big change from only a few decades ago. The Pew Research Center has studied this question, and much else, over the years. In a 2014 report, we looked at the reasons behind the shift, which have a lot to do with the changing composition of the American population. In the last few years, weve also explored other trends, like the growth in two-parent families and the growing importance of marriage We looked past Census Bureau statistics, and looked instead at two sources of data: interviews conducted with nearly 2,700 parents of children under 18 living in 2014, and detailed questions that the Census asked of those same parents about their childrens living arrangements. Among other things, we found that a number of key factors seem to be driving the growth in two-parent families, including the decline in marriage in the last several decades, and the fact that the share of births out of wedlock has been growing over time. Of course, the extent to which these trends are to blame for todays higher number of two-parent families is less important than the fact that they are happening at all Here are a few highlights from our 2014 report examining why the share of children living with their birth parents is higher today than it was in 1960:In 1960, 44 of children under 18 lived with their biological parents. The numbers were close to even in 2000 Nearly three-quarters of the increase in this share stems from the growing share of births to unmarried women. Over that same time period, the share of births to unmarried women has grown from about 3 to 5, and has become increasingly prevalent among lower-income families. This increase has occurred among all racial and ethnic groups. The share of children who are living with unmarried mothers varies little by education level.

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celebrities who have not aged well