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You want to get the list of celebrities as a way to avoid the crowds. This is a good start, but you are going to need to get people to listen to you better. You need to convince them to act in ways that will cause them to fear them and make them want to do something about it. Ill keep their hearts, and make them into super-heroes and such. Youre hoping you didnt make a single grammatical error there. As for the more difficult part, convincing people to believe in your promise, youve only got two ideas. The first is to get the crowd to want something that you dont want and then offer to be their benevolent dictator, taking all the credit for that something. You could even make it so that the first person to convince ten of their friends to believe in YOU will get all their hearts. Alternatively, you could get some of the kids to act like idiots and then you could make them think that the heroes are bad guys and try to convince the parents to send them to fight the bad guys. You could even convince the parents to make the kids play as the bad guys. Youd be surprised how many parents will cave to your demands. The only thing youre not sure about is how to gain people to not hate you. You know your powers are limited but you doubt if you can do anything about the demons after theyve done their job. Maybe if you could convince all the kids to turn on one another and they didnt get in trouble for it, theres the chance that theyd be less likely to make up stories about you. You convince the kids to turn against one another. Its hard to tell how powerful you actually were since you had no idea you had them until you were in the middle of what you thought was your own rampage. You knew you could control the children, you just knew you couldnt command them to turn on each other. Ill send you all to fight the demons, but were going to play a little game. I want you all to secretly write down all the things the other kids say about each other. Then I want you to secretly record that, and put it in your secret files. Then, I want you to secretly go back to the others and write up your confessions and put them in your files. You secretly write about the other kidsYou grab a notebook from a desk, quickly writing down the names of the kids in the school. You start writing things you think other kids think of.

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