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A recent article, entitled The Truth About Exercise discusses this very topic, with a healthy dose of ridicule. To the media, dieting is a popular way to lose weight, so it makes sense that the weight of your average celebrity would be more than the average persons, right. All of whom have posted pictures of their very own weight loss results. You should read the whole article, though, its interesting to see how these peoples views on life have evolved over the years So then, what gives. Why is it then that some of these famous people havent lost as much weight as others. As anyone whos tried dieting knows, you start out with the weight off, even if its only a few pounds. But then your body begins to shut itself down and become starved, in an effort to conserve energy. In fact, as long as theyre eating healthy foods and exercising to the best of their ability, theyll probably keep a good amount of weight on throughout their lives. But if a big part of maintaining a healthy weight is maintaining a certain level of energy, it makes sense that these famous people would be able to hold on to the weight they do have on. Its also diet perfectionism, pressure to look a certain way and other forms of emotional eating, all of which are pretty common in women These all come together to cause a vicious cycle of weight loss, which in turn causes more weight loss which causes more weight loss. Im a big advocate for healthy eating because I believe that its healthier for both your body and your spirit and you dont have to give up on the things you love simply because of how you look. So if one of the keys to being healthy is being able to not give a shit about your appearance, then maybe its worth trying. But if thats not the case, then perhaps the solution lies in something else to lose the weight. If youre struggling with weight loss, then what you really need is motivation. You need to be inspired by those who have been successful in achieving weight loss. You need to look at their happy pictures to encourage you. You need to try the same things they did.

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